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Terrazzio is truly unique.


Provide the Look of Poured terrazzo

Terrazzio is Authentic Terrazzo Tile manufactured in the USA. We manufacture large format tiles to simulate the appearance of poured-in-place terrazzo. Terrazzio was used at Florence High School to match the look of their existing poured terrazzo floor. The original poured terrazzo floor directly connects to our Terrazzio tiles and blends beautifully. This installation is our color 564 Falcon Fleece, with 4’x4’s and zinc Metazzio strips in the joints.

Quick & easy installation

Terrazzio offers the benefit of a quick installation with no “on site” grinding or polishing. It doesn't delay a job, allowing foot traffic to continue using a rapid adhesive, you can walk on a Terrazzio floor within 24 hours.




Terrazzio can be installed on floors, stairs, and walls, as well as counter tops. Columns can be fabricated as was done in the retail store KITH on Miami Beach. That installation was designed by Snarkitecture. Also, Terrazzio large format Tiles can be used for interior and exterior vertical projects. 

Terrazzio is not fragile like ceramic or porcelain tiles. A contractor once stated that he dropped a 4’x4’ tile down a flight of stairs hitting a concrete column. He said only a small chunk broke off the corner and he was able to reattach the broken chunk during installation. There is no need for concern when it comes to handling Terrazzio. Our tile is durable and is designed to last the life of your building.

made to Last & Easy to maintain

This 25 year old school installation still looks great today. The reason for our durability can be seen in our Test Data. The compressive strength of Terrazzio was tested by the equivalent application of 6 Tons of pressure applied to the area of a large man’s thumb print without any evidence of failure. This toughness translates to durability for the Life of Your Building.

For commercial buildings like a school, closing for repair is not ideal. You want to install the floor once and trust it will last as long as the building does with little maintenance. The smooth natural polish applied to the hard stone in Terrazzio provides a dense surface that offers great resistance to staining and abrasion. For most applications, normal sweeping and mopping is all that is required after the Terrazzio has been properly sealed.



Custom Colors & Designs

We offer custom colors and sizes for creativity in design. We work with architects, interior designers, and our production team to assess the desired design and color. We require a paint chip to match the matrix/background of your choice. Terrazzio logos are also part of our Custom Services. We work with you, and preferably a CAD drawing, to get the dimensions and colors for your logo. Shapes are cut in our water saw department.

This example is Quantico’s Marine Corps logo. We manufactured all the colors then water saw cut the design using two 4’x8’ Terrazzio panels for the 8’x8’ grid.