Technical Data

Packaging and Handling

The standard Terrazzio Tile package is a 50”W x 50”L x 20”H pallet that contains up to 50- 4’x4’x3/8” Terrazzio Tiles (800 square feet) and weighs 3000 pounds. 

The standard Terrazzio Panel package is a 50”W x 100”L x 10”H crate that contains up to 25- 4’x8’x3/8” Terrazzio Panels (800 square feet) and weighs 3100 pounds. 

This package is to be delivered to the job by a forklift capable of carrying a 3500 pound pallet or crate. Palletized Terrazzio Tiles can be moved on the job by a hand operated hydraulic pallet jack or placed on a rolling dolly. Either method allows the installer unlimited mobility and ease of handling during installations. Do Not move Pallet Jack or Dolly over freshly installed Terrazzio.


Two types of specifications are provided. The Word format Specification can be revised for specific applications variables. The pdf Specification is easier for email distribution.

Specifications (pdf)

Test Data

We have 25 year old school installations that still look great today. The reason for our durability can be seen in our Test Data. The compressive strength of Terrazzio was tested by the equivalent application of 6 Tons of pressure applied to the area of a fat man’s thumb print without any evidence of failure. This toughness translates to durability for the Life of Your Building.

Test Data (pdf)

Installation Instructions

Terrazzio is to be installed by a professional hard tile contractor who is familiar with Laticrete setting material. Terrazzio can be cut with a wet or dry diamond blade or with a carborundum coated jig saw blade. All Terrazzio, over one square foot in area, is to be “Back Buttered” with setting material, before being installed.

Installation materials for Terrazzio Tiles and Panels is to be supplied by Laticrete International, Inc., Bethany, CT USA. Telephone: 1-800- 243-4788 or (203) 393-0010, Fax: (203) 393-1684, Email: Internet:

Installation - Laticrete

Terrazzio Stair Treads and Risers (pdf)


We recommend a ¼” grout, zinc or brass Metazzio Strip in the joints of Terrazzio.

Instructional Slides for Installing Metazzio Strips


Ease of maintenance is one of the greatest benefits of Terrazzio. The smooth natural polish applied to the hard stone in Terrazzio provides a dense surface that offers great resistance to staining and abrasion. For most applications, normal sweeping and mopping is all that is required after the Terrazzio has been properly Sealed.

Sealer and Maintenance Instructions (pdf)

Material Safety Data Sheet

This Material Safety Data Sheet will keep you informed about how to safely work with Terrazzio. Caution: Don’t Eat Terrazzio. It will break your teeth.

Material Safety Data Sheet (pdf)