Terrazzio Installations

If you are looking for the smart flooring solution look no further than Terrazzio's authentic terrazzo tile. Check out our installation gallery below for samples of our work. Contact us today for a quick quote on bringing Terrazzio's beautiful, cost-effective flooring solution to your project.

Court House, Olive Branch, MS

Poured terrazzo was originally specified for this project, but as construction costs increased, cost cutting alternatives were necessary.  With the combination of our Authentic Terrazzo Look, the variety of our Large Standard Sizes, our Water Saw Cutting, our fast installation time and the cost savings of approximately 30%, Terrazzio was chosen.

The United States Marine Corps

Every day, Marine Troops walk on 100,000sf of Terrazzio after coming in from Field Exercises wearing combat fatigues with lugged boots filled with rocks and mud.  After the first Terrazzio was installed, a Marine Officer called saying, in a Commanding Voice “… you have great STUFF, Sir.  This is the best STUFF I’ve ever seen….. We are tough on floors and every day this STUFF looks great.”

The Marine Corps Shield was created with 4’x8’ Terrazzio Panels to present the look of traditional terrazzo, with virtually no joints.  Please contact us if you have a special logo or design for your floor.

Civic Center, Weldon, SC

In this building, our 4’x4’ Terrazzio Tile, Metazzio Feature Strips and Terrazzio Stair Treads and Risers come together to present the Authentic Look of Terrazzo.

The Terrazzio product line provides a flat smooth floor that is ideal for heavy pedestrian traffic, even if the people are pushing grocery carts or pulling luggage.